Mars travel? Interested? Give ideas.

How would you like to travel out of this our planet earth for seven months in space? Imagine all the things you will miss on earth while in the space craft. The government in the US is going to pick 20 individuals who will participate or take part in this new discovery\colonizing Mars, but you will miss the animals, the climate,the public interactions at bus stops,schools,library,and other social gatherings. Imagine you missing the cockroaches, spiders and worms for seven months while going to Mars or even on Mars where you live for the rest of your lives(without coming back because there is no return trip).

Do you think you can withstand all of this? Are you interested like these volunteers? Can you leave your family, your society,your world? If you can do all these, then volunteer. However if you cant,tell me by leaving your comments.

Remember, that you are going there as “guinea pigs”.Therefore, you will be involved in a lot of experiments just like the cosmonauts or astronauts like in the space station. Start thinking of the ideas you are going to work on or research on while travelling in space for seven months and when you get to or land on Mars.


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